The Champion

  • Genre: Docu-drama
  • Length: 57 ‘
  • Location: Italy
  • Year: 2011
  • Directed by: Marino Maranzana
  • Script: Francesca dell’Amaranto
  • Production: FGM produzioni
  • Format: 16:9 Full HD Pal
  • Language: Italian
  • Subtitles: English


The documentary sees as main characters a boy and a woman: their stories are intertwined as they are both emotionally tied to a racehorse.
Matteo, the boy, tries to save The Champion, a racehorse that has not won for a long time. In trying to do so, we see him performing with his cello, as he is convinced that its music, by soothing the horse at the start box, will help it to win again.
Francesca, the woman, has gone on a journey looking for Antares, a horse her family had sold twenty years earlier and whose whereabouts she had since lost.
Their stories run parallel and highlight many aspects of the world of thoroughbreds.
Eventually their paths meet.
Francesca discovers that Antares lives close to The Champion, just when the horse, after many vicissitudes, manages to win the Derby and, therefore, save itself from the slaughterhouse.