Marino Maranzana

Director – screenwriter – author

Television author for the Rai 3 programs: “Il Viaggio”, “Gaia – il pianeta che vive” and “Terzo Pianeta”.
He wrote screenplays for cinema and television, including “Il drago Bianco”, “Salima”, “Il caso Russell”.

As director and author, he has made more than a hundred documentaries. These include: the series in sixty episodes “Storia d’Italia del XX secolo” for the Istituto Luce; “L’uomo Europeo”, a series in eight episodes for Rai 1; “Le antiche civiltà slave”, a series in ten episodes for a Rai 1 – BBC – TVE – Bulgarian TV co-production; “Medioevo luci ed ombre”, a series in ten episodes for a Rai 1 – TVE co-production and “Il mare degli antichi”, a series in eight episodes for Rai 3.

He has made several institutional films for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism, the European Union and for the Italian Regions of Marche and Lazio.
He has taught on a course in Directing in Sassari for the Cultural Department of the European Community and the Sardinian Region.

Teacher for “Orao” a project featuring several courses on documentary based in Syracuse – Sicily.
Screenwriting teacher at the “Free University of Cinema”, Zagarolo – Roma.
He took part in the International Film Festival of Venice with “La malattia del vivere” a film produced by Rai.