El ChePe

  Known as “El Chepe”, the Chihuahua-Pacific railway line in the northern Mexico links the city of Chihuahua, in the homonymous state, to Los Mochis, in Sinaloa state. Through some of the most spectacular landscapes of the Barranca del Cobre … Continue reading

The ways of Tango

  The Ruta National 40 is the longest road in Argentina and the most spectacular. Five thousand kilometers long that road runs along the Andes, touches eleven provinces also reaching 5000 meters above the sea level. The Ruta runs through … Continue reading

The Champion

The documentary sees as main characters a boy and a woman: their stories are intertwined as they are both emotionally tied to a racehorse.
Matteo, the boy, tries to save The Champion, a racehorse that has not won for a long time. In trying to do so, we see him performing with his cello, as he is convinced that its music, by soothing the horse at the start box, will help it to win again. Continue reading

Return to the Tiber

The documentary tells us about the Tiber river and its course, which, with its 400 km, is the third-longest Italian river. The landscape which is seen along its sides -from Monte Fumaiolo to its mouth into the Tyrrhenian Sea- is varied and beautiful. Continue reading

The land of Zorro

In the heart of the Mexican State there is a savage land called Barranca del Cobre, a natural park with canyons (the biggest in the world), sand-hill deserts, water falls and rivers; there are even many ancient Indian villages and Indios, such us the Raramuri tribe, still living into the canyon caverns. The Raramuri are famous for their skill as runners. Continue reading

The Holy Week in Seville

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, land of rhythm, flamenco and gypsies.
It is a city that is home to many cultures, religions and different people. Three thousand years old, the town has been Phoenician, Roman, Arab and Christian. As evidence of this, we admire its cathedral, the alleys, the plaza de España, the Alcazar and its cuisine. Continue reading

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a cultural mix, Lunfardo is the mixture of languages spoken by its people. We discover the city by strolling through its streets and parks, through the elegant neighborhoods of Recoleta and San Telmo and through the old barrios of Palermo and La Boca. Continue reading

The train of the clouds

The Andes are the cradle of the pre-Incan civilizations and of the expansion of the Spanish conquistadores . The north-west of Argentina gathers the archaeological remains and traces of these two historical periods in some of the most fascinating natural valleys of Argentina. Continue reading

The Llamas of the Dolomites

The documentary focuses on Pet Therapy and trekking with Llamas in the wilderness, showing us a peculiar and rare use of the Llamas in our latitudes. The film tells the story of llamas’ daily training for both these activities and of their relationship with the trainers and the people who approach them.
 Continue reading

Blue looks

The story is told through pictures and music and recounts the impressions of a child discovering a city: Barcelona.
The girl travels on a ship, a timeless place, where, by the use of her fantasy, she can process her experience of reality through drawing. Continue reading

The Posidonia Oceanica and the sailboat

The Posidonia Oceanica is a plant which in spite of what its name implies, only inhabits the Mediterranean Sea.
Its meadows are of enormous importance for the life of the sea, because they represent the highest level of development and complexity achievable by an ecosystem. Today, the survival of the meadows is in danger as a consequence of pollution, illegal trawling and careless boat anchoring. Continue reading


The Austrian region of Vorarlberg has a ski area among the most renowned of the Alps. The documentary shows the exclusivity, the beauty, the fun and the use of environmental green energy of two of its valleys: the Arlberg and the Montafon. Continue reading