Cuauhtémoc, the Mexican Navy School

Cuauhtémoc was the last of the Aztec rulers. He was killed by the Spanish in 1525, after defending his empire and his people. In 1982, the Mexican Navy baptized a training ship with the name of this warrior. It is a magnificent sailing ship -70 meters long, 12 meters wide, 90 meters per yard- with a crew of 300 people. Continue reading

The blessing of cork

The documentary tells the story of a family and explains all the steps of the production of corks. Mureddu Sugheri, in fact, realizes prestigious corks for high quality wines.
This is also the story of a green mission to protect the few cork-tree forests in the Mediterranean area and to save the animal species living into the forests. Continue reading

Events in Sardinia

In 2011, Sardinia hosted a series of meetings and events of international importance. These events were all part of the festival “The Myths of the Sea” and the film shows the most significant and spectacular moments of each event.
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Trieste. Stage of Europe

The documentary tells the story of the city of Trieste that, in the years between 1943 and 1954, fell under three different occupations (by the Nazis, the Yugoslavs and the Americans) before returning to Italy. “Trieste” is a story of
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